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 Law and Judiciary
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‘Dial-a-Porn’ Ban Voided
‘Whistleblower’ Rewards
American Bar Association (ABA) Screening Upheld in Court
Antitrust Criminal Fines
Attorneys’ Fee Seizure
Bennett: Drug ‘Czar’
Biological Weapons
Bush Lags in Filling Judicial Vacancies
Bush Nominates Thomas To Appeals Court Seat
Bush Vetoes Bill to Shield Chinese Students in U.S.
Civil Rights Commission
Copyright Legislation
Court Declines to Narrow Scope of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) as House Rewrite Stalls
Court Narrows Reach Of Anti-Bias Laws
Court Ruling Shifts Abortion Politics
Court Sets Off Furor On Flag Burning
Crime Bills Move Ahead With Partisan Push
Death-Penalty Measures Advance in Senate
Federal Secrecy Forms
Gun Curbs Stall on Hill; Some Imports Banned
Landmark Disability Bill Closer to Enactment
Law Agents’ Liability
Lucas Nomination Dies in Senate Panel
Mandatory Drug-Testing OK'd for Some Workers
McNary Sworn In as Commissioner for Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
Military Malpractice
More Anti-Drug Bills Cleared in 1989
Naturalization Process
Nurse-Immigration Bill
Partisan Acrimony Reigns at the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), With Board Bitterly Divided
Philippine War Veterans
Punitive Damages OK'd
Refugee, Asylum Policy Under Fire in 1989
Securities Arbitration
Senate Votes to Revise Visa Allocations
Starr: Solicitor General
Supreme Court Moves Sharply to Right
TV Violence Talks
Two U.S. Judges Removed From Bench
Vertical Price-Fixing