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 Law and Judiciary
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Video Rentals Privacy
Veterans and Alcoholism
U.S. Joins Copyright Treaty
Trademark Bill Approved
Special Report: 1988 Supreme Court Action
Right to Bar Handicapped Students Limited
Religious Violence
Record Rentals Ban
Protection for Retirees
Price-Fixing Decision
Patent Office Reauthorized
Panel Oks Revision to Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), Limiting Collection of Triple Damages in Private Law Suits
Murdoch Appeals Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rule Prohibiting Ownership of TV station and Newspaper in Same City
Military Malpractice Bill
Lottery Advertising Allowed
Law/Judiciary 1988: Overview
Juvenile-Justice Bill
Internees Gain Reparations
Government Contract Fraud
Election-Year Anti-Drug Bill Enacted
Easing Court Burdens
Deportation Limitations Stall
Death-Penalty Measure
Court Upholds Independent-Counsel Law
Court Nominations Rejected
Congress Bans Plastic Guns
Compromise Fair-Housing Bill Is Cleared
Bond-Interest Tax
Bankruptcy Bills Cleared
Affirmative Action Decision