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 Law and Judiciary
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Wiretapping Amendments
Victims of Crime
Tax Court Judges
Supreme Court Jurisdiction
State Court Aid
Soft Drink Bottlers Given Antitrust Protection
Senate Filibuster Kills Fair Housing Bill
Rights of the Institutionalized Bill Cleared
Pretrial Bail Program
Patent Law Amendments
Patent and Claims Courts
National Guard Torts
Military Appeals Court
Maritime Torts
Legal Services Corp.
Law Enforcement/Judiciary 1980: Overview
Juvenile Justice Programs
Justice Dept. Authorization
Jurisdictional Amount
Internment Commission
International Trade Court
Indian Claims Filing Time
High Court's 1979–80 Term Defies Label
Gasohol Competition Act
Foreign Claims Unit Shifted
Forced Evacuation Claims
Fifth Circuit Split
Environmental Cases Venue
Drug Loophole Plugged
Disciplining Federal Judges
Criminal Procedure Rules
Criminal Code Bills Die in Both Chambers
Civil Rights Commission
Bill Cleared to Triple Refugee Admissions
Bill Cleared to Stop Newsroom Searches
Bankruptcy Law Changes
Attorneys' Fees
Antitrust Procedures
‘Graymail’ Criminal Cases