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 Labor, Employment, Industry and Regulation
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Anti-Racketeering Act Amendments
Confirmation of Schwellenbach and Herzog
Congressional Action on Labor Second Quarter, 1945
Deferment of Farm Workers
Fair Employment Practice Committee
Federal Employees Pay Act of 1945
Federal Supplement to State Unemployment Compensation
Full Employment Bill
Full Employment Bill
Government Corporation Control Act
House Committee on Labor
Industrial Use of Silver
Interference with Educational Radio Programs
Major Actions, April-June, 1945
Major Actions, January-March, 1945
Major Actions, July-September, 1945
Major Actions, October-December, 1945
Message to Congress: Truman on Unemployment Compensation
Message to Congress: Truman's Post-War Policy
Pay Raises for Federal Employees
Registration and Protection of Trade Marks
Senate Liquor Investigation
Summary of Congressional Action on Bills Affecting Labor First Quarter, 1945
Summary of Congressional Action on Labor Bills Fourth Quarter, 1945
Summary of Congressional Action on Labor Third Quarter, 1945
Transfer of Defense Plant Corporation, Related Agencies to RFC
United States Employment Service
War Labor Board Jurisdiction Narrowed
War Labor Disputes Act Repeal