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 Inside Congress
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25th Amendment
Adam Clayton Powell Excluded From House; He Files Historic Lawsuit to Regain Seat
Administration, Republican Reactions to 1967 Session
At Least 15 States to Use New District Plans in 1968
Congress 1967 – The Year in Review
Congress Fails to Adopt House District Standards
Congress Grants 47.6% of Johnson's Specific Requests
Constitutional Issues, Legal Action in Powell Case
Financial Reports, Testimonial Funds Under Scrutiny
Hill Committees
House and Senate Key Votes For 1967
House Bills
House Concurrent Resolutions
House Ethics Committee
House Joint Resolutions
House Rejects Committee Punishment, Votes to Exclude Powell
House Resolutions
House Rules
House Votes 233–185 to Repeal 21-Day Rule; Senate Defeats Move to Revise Cloture Rule
How CQ Measures Members' Performance
Legislative Funds
Legislative Reorganization Act Stalls in House; First Major Reform Bill on Congress Since 1946
Open and Closed Congressional Committee Meetings 1965–1967
Senate Bills
Senate Censures Dodd for Misuse of Political Funds
Senate Concurrent Resolutions
Senate Ethics Committee
Senate Joint Resolutions
Senate Resolutions
Session Summary, Party Leaders, Turnover in 1967