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 Inside Congress
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$10 Million Allotted for Investigations
287 Lobby Groups List Their Spending in 1964
89th Congress Joint Committees, Subcommittees
Bills Acted on – Agriculture
Bills Acted on – Appropriations
Bills Acted on – Education and Welfare
Bills Acted on – Foreign Policy
Bills Acted on – National Security
Bills Acted on – Public Works and Resources
Bills Acted on – Taxes and Economic Policy
Bills Acted on — General Government
Bills Introduced – Agriculture
Bills Introduced – Appropriations
Bills Introduced – Education and Welfare
Bills Introduced – Foreign Policy
Bills Introduced – General Government
Bills Introduced – National Security
Bills Introduced – Public Works and Resources
Bills Introduced – Taxes and Economic Policy
Characteristics of Members of the 89th Congress
Congress 1965 — The Year in Review
Congress Unusually Cooperative with President's Program
Congressional Committees
House Committees, 89th Congress, 1st Session
Legislation Acted On or Submitted in 1965
Legislative Goals of Top Spenders
Lobbies Report Expenditures of $4.2 Million in 1964
Major Investigations Undertaken by 89th Congress
Members of 89th Congress, First Session Governors, Cabinet Officers, Supreme Court
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests Presidential Succession, Electoral College Constitutional Amendments
Pressure Groups Happy With 1965 Legislation
Public Laws, 89th Congress, 1st Session
Receipts, Spending Reported in 1964 by Senate Candidates
Revision of Bank Merger Act Debated
Second Report on Bobby Baker Issued, Indictment Filed
Senate Committees, 89th Congress, 1st Session
Seniority in the 89th Congress
Session Summary, Party Leaders, Turnover in 1965
Veto Message: Johnson Vetoes Seven Bills in 1965