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 Inside Congress
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1963 Campaign Receipts and Spending Reported for 65 Groups
88th Congress Authorizes Record Investigations Funds
88th Congress Joint Committees, Subcommittees
Average Congressman is 53, Methodist and–a Politician
Baker Probe Reopened
Basic Facts on Congress
Bills Acted On–Agriculture
Bills Acted on–Appropriations
Bills Acted on–Education and Welfare
Bills Acted on–Foreign Policy
Bills Acted on–General Government
Bills Acted on–National Security
Bills Acted on–Public Works and Resources
Bills Acted on–Taxes and Economic Policy
Bills Introduced–Agriculture
Bills Introduced–Appropriations
Bills Introduced–Education and Welfare
Bills Introduced–Foreign Policy
Bills Introduced–General Government
Bills Introduced–Public Works and Resources
Bills Introduced–Taxes and Economic Policy
Buckley Payroll Criticized
Congress 1964–The Year in Review
Congress Grants 57.6% of Johnson's Specific Requests
Congressional Committees
Financial Reports, Special House Elections
Hearings on Excise Structure
House and Senate Key Votes for 1964
House Committees, 88th Congress, 2nd Session
House Democratic Leadership
House Republican Leadership
How CQ Measures Members' Performance
Investigation of Senators Proposed, Rejected
Johnson Conviction Upset
Legislation Acted On or Submitted in 1964
Major Investigations Undertaken by the 88th Congress
Membership and Seniority 88th Congress, Second Session
Miller Ethics Questioned
Off-Year Political Spending Contrasted, 1957 to 1963
Patman Conducts Study of Tax-Exempt Foundations
Powell Libel Suit
Republicans Attack Conduct of Baker Investigation
Rules Committee Issues Report on Baker Probe
Second Phase of Hearings
Senate Committees, 88th Congress, 2nd Session
Senate Democratic Leadership
Senate Passes Tax Bill After Week of Debate and Voting
Senate Rejects Financial Disclosure Rule
Senate Republican Leadership
Session Summary, Party Leaders, New Members
The Congressional Session