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 Inside Congress
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1962 Campaign Receipts and Spending Reported by 76 Groups
88th Congress Joint Committees, Subcommittees
Anderson Charges
Average Congressman is 52, Methodist and–a Politician
Baker Case Spotlights Congressional Ethics
Bills Acted on — Agriculture
Bills Acted on — Appropriations
Bills Acted on — Education and Welfare
Bills Acted on — Foreign Policy
Bills Acted on — General Government
Bills Acted on — National Security
Bills Acted on — Public Works and Resources
Bills Acted on — Taxes and Economic Policy
Bills Introduced — Agriculture
Bills Introduced — Appropriations
Bills Introduced — Education and Welfare
Bills Introduced — Foreign Policy
Bills Introduced — General Government
Bills Introduced — Public Works and Resources
Bills Introduced — Taxes and Economic Policy
Biography of President Lyndon B. Johnson
Boykin, Johnson Convicted
Candidates, Committees Report $18.4 Million Spent in The 1962 Elections, Actual Spending Near $100 Million
Congress 1963 – The Year in Review
Congress Approves 27% of President Kennedy's Requests
Congressional Committees
Contributions of $500 or More to House Candidates in 1962
Contributions of $500 or More to Senate Candidates in 1962
CQ's Kennedy Boxscore as of Dec. 30, 1963
Georgia Unit System
House Committees, 88th Congress
House Democratic Leadership
House Republican Leadership
Intensive 1963 Lobbying Stimulated by Tax Bill
Investigations Funds – 86th-87th-88th Congresses
Johnson Names Commission to Probe Assassination
Johnson-McCormack Reach Disability Agreement
Legislation Acted On or Submitted in 1963
Major Investigations Undertaken by the 88th Congress
Membership and Seniority 88th Congress, First Session
Powell Libel Suit
President Kennedy Assassinated; President Johnson Takes Office
Probe Funds Authorized in 1963 Highest on Record
Reapportionment Actions Follow 1962 Court Decision
Receipts, Spending Reported in 1962 by Senate Candidates
Senate Committees, 88th Congress
Senate Democratic Leadership
Senate Examines its Virtues, Faults in Wake of Dodd Criticism
Senate Republican Leadership
Senate Unit Probes TFX Contract Award
Session Summary, Party Leaders, Turnover in 1963
Subcommittee Hearings