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 Inside Congress
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Where Labor Money Went in 1958 Campaign
Votes of Democratic Hopefuls in Senate
Strauss Nomination
State Legislatures
State Breakdown of $1,000 Donations in 1958
Senate Rules Change
Senate Payrolls
Receipts, Spending of Senate Candidates
Receipts, Spending of House Candidates
Political Groups Spent $8.7 Million in 1958
Political and Legislative Highlights of 1959
Major Investigations Undertaken By 86Th Congress
Lobbies Expect More Action From Congress in 1960
House, Senate Candidates Report $3.3 Million Spent in 1958
House Reapportionment
House Candidates' Committees
Election Year Cut Into Junketing in 1958
Did Parties Keep Their 1956 Platform Promises?
CQ Chart of Presidential Convention Information
Contempt Citations
Congressmen Who Traveled in 1958 and Where They Went
Congress Overrode One of 20 Vetoes in 1959
Congress – 1959
Committees Authorized to Spend Almost $9 Million
Closed and Open Congressional Committee Meetings
Bills Introduced–Taxes and Economic Policy
Bills Introduced–Foreign Policy
Bills Introduced–Education and Welfare
Bills Introduced–Appropriations
Bills Introduced–Agriculture
Bills Introduced – Miscellaneous-Administrative
Bills Introduced – Military and Veterans
Bills Introduced – Labor
Bills Acted On – Taxes and Economic Policy
Bills Acted On – Miscellaneous and Administrative
Bills Acted On – Military and Veterans
Bills Acted On – Labor
Bills Acted On – Foreign Policy
Bills Acted On – Education and Welfare
Bills Acted On – Appropriations
Bills Acted On – Agriculture
Amounts Given By Labor to Candidates and Committees in 1958
77 Ex-Congressmen Have Registered as Lobbyists