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 Inside Congress
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16 Key Votes Tested First Session Issues
1954 Election Analysis
84th Congress – House: Ages,
84th Congress – House: Professions, Veteran Status, Seniority
84th Congress – Senate
84th Congress Set First-Session Probe Mark
84th Congress, Organization, Officers, Party Rations, Membership Turnover
Antitrust Investigations
Bills Introduced — Agriculture
Bills Introduced — Appropriations
Bills Introduced — Education and Welfare
Bills Introduced — Foreign Policy
Bills Introduced — Labor
Bills Introduced — Military and Veterans
Bills Introduced — Miscellaneous And Administrative
Bills Introduced — Taxes and Economic Policy
Boxscore Traces 207 Presidential Requests
Campaign Donations of $1,000 or More
Campaign Spending
Congressional And Gubernatorial Elections
Constitutional Rights
Dixon-Yates Contract
Economic Report
Education and Welfare
Eisenhower Boxscore
First-Half of 1955 Lobby Spending
Foreign Policy
Government Reorganization
High Cost of Congressional Campaigning
House Committees, Subcommittees
House: 232 Democrats, 203 Republicans
Internal Security
Joint Committees, Subcommittees
Legislation Submitted in 1955
Membership and Seniority
Mid-Term Campaigns – 1954
Military and Veterans
Misc. and Administrative
Party Gains And Losses
Platforms Vs. Performance
Political and Legislative Highlights of 1955
Political Committee Spending, Receipts
Public Power Hearings
Receipts, Spending of House Candidates
Record of 84th Congress
Secret Committee Meetings Decline Slightly
Security Cases
Senate Campaign Spending
Senate Committees, Subcommittees
Senate Membership: 84th Congress
Stock Market Study
Talbott Inquiry
Taxes, Economic Policy
The New House
Transportation Study
Two Mode Comebacks: 14 Senate “Newcomers” In 84th Congress
Un-American Activities
Union Welfare Funds
Were Chosen For 84th Congress
Yalta Papers
Youth, Lawyers On Increase In 84th Congress