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 Inside Congress
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117 Probes Undertaken In 13-Month Period
1954 Bills Introduced – Agriculture
1954 Bills Introduced – Appropriations
1954 Bills Introduced – Education & Welfare
1954 Bills Introduced – Foreign Policy
1954 Bills Introduced – Labor
1954 Bills Introduced – Military & Veterans
1954 Bills Introduced – Miscellaneous & Administrative
1954 Bills Introduced – Taxes & Economic Policy
1954 Spending – First Half
232 Presidential Requests
Censure Of Senator McCarthy
Congress' Probes Date Back To Washington's Time
CQ's Eisenhower Boxscore
Customs Study
Economic Report Hearings
House Committees
House Membership And Seniority
How The Lobbies Fared
Joint Committees
Legislation Submitted In 1954
Lobby Spending Reports–1953
Majority Opinion, Two Dissents: Text Of Supreme Court Lobby Law Ruling
Membership, Officers, Turnover – 83rd Congress
Miscellaneous and Administrative 1954: Bills Acted On
Money For Probes
Money For Probes:
Political And Legislative Highlights Of 1954
President's Boxscore
Public Laws, 83rd Congress, 2nd Session
Senate Committees
Senate Membership And Seniority
Summary Of Legislation, Post-Election Session
Supreme Court Rules On Lobby Law
Taxes and Economic Policy 1954: Bills Acted On
What Congress Did In 1954
What The 83rd Congress Did