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 Inside Congress
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1947 Congressional Quarterly Poll
A Proclamation: President Truman Convening the Congress, October 23, 1947
Changes in the Membership of Congress, Second Quarter 1947
Changes in the Membership of Congress, Third Quarter 1947
Comittees Dealing with Taxes and Economic Policy
Committee Activities
Congressional Quarterly's Box Score on Congress
Congressional Quarterly's Lobby Roundup
Congressional Quarterly's Record Votes, 80th Congress First Session—1947
Highlights of the 80th Congress 1947
Highlights of the First Quarter 1947
Highlights of the Second Quarter 1947
Highlights of the Third Quarter 1947
Key Committees on Miscellaneous and Administrative Matters
Major Actions, January-March 1947
Organization of the 80th Congress
Organization of the 80th Congress, First Session — 1947
Pressures on Congress
Pressures on Congress
Record Votes, 80th Congress, April-June
Record Votes, 80th Congress, January-March 1947
Record Votes, 80th Congress, July 1947
Special Committees
Summary of Congressional Action on Miscellaneous and Administrative Bills, First Quarter 1947
The 80th Congress, 1st Session — 1947: Changes in House Membership
The 80th Congress, 1st Session — 1947: Officials and Party Leaders