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 Health, Education, Human Services, Welfare and Social Policy
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Administration Fails Again In Its Quest To Establish Voluntary National Testing
Clinton Vetoes Voucher Measure For D.C. Schoolchildren
Compromise Head Start Bill Sidesteps Controversy, Focuses on Program Quality
Congress Clears Bill Restoring Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits To Certain Immigrants
Higher Education Act Reduces Interest Rates, Increases Grants
Home Health Care Agencies Win Federal Payment Relief While New System Is Devised
House Passes Bill To Convert Bilingual Education Aid Into Block Grants to States
Lawmakers Agree on Need For Changes in Managed Care — But Only in Principle
Lawmakers Authorize $100 Million in Aid To Charter Schools
Lawmakers Clear Two Bills Aimed at Better Enforcement Of Child Support Payments
President Blocks GOP Drive To Give Tax Breaks for Education Savings Accounts
Senate Sustains Veto of ‘Partial Birth’ Abortion Ban For Second Time
Three Years of Negotiations Yield a Housing Bill That Compromise Built
Under Veto Threat, Parental Notification Bill Stalls in the Senate
Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program Reauthorized; Nutrition Aid Expanded For Low-Income Children