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 Health, Education, Human Services, Welfare and Social Policy
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Abortion Foes Press Their Agenda
Bid to Raise Earnings Limit Stalls
Bills Affecting American Indians Taken up by Lawmakers
GOP Seeks Smaller Federal Role in Education, Arts
Health Insurance Bill Stalls in Senate
Late-Term Abortions Target of Bill
Lawmakers Act to Reauthorize Ryan White AIDS Program
Measures on Rare Diseases, Medical Exports, Organ Donors and Substance Abuse Fail to Pass
Medicare Cuts Vetoed as Part of Budget Reconciliation
Medicare Select Program Goes National
Presidential Address: Clinton -- Mend, Don't End, Affirmative Action
Presidential Address: Clinton Hails Israel's Pact with Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) As ‘Historic Compromise’
Presidential Statement: Clinton Announces Action to Combat Teen Smoking
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Points to Lack of Money for Technology, War on Crime
Republicans Seek to Revamp Medicaid
Senate Bill Seeks to Streamline Minority Education Programs
Senate Rejects Foster Nomination
Speaker Calls for ‘Partnership’ To Pass ‘Major Reforms’
Supreme Court Ruling: Excerpts from Decision in Affirmative Action Case
The State of the Union: Clinton Speech Envisions Local Empowerment
Welfare Bill Clears Under Veto Threat
Work Begins on Extending Treatment for Veterans