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 Health, Education, Human Services, Welfare and Social Policy
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Adult Literacy Programs Expanded
Alexander Confirmed as Secretary of Education
Ban on Race-Exclusive Scholarships Announced
Child Welfare Overhaul
Children's Aid Bills Considered in 1991: Disability, Abandonment Covered
Disability, Alzheimer's Programs Considered in 1991
Education Bills Advanced in Committees
Education, Job Assistance
FDA Given Authority Over Generic-Drug Industry
Few Developments in War on Drugs
Health-Care Reform Held Over for 1992
Hill Acts on Several Bills To Help American Indians
Hill Counters President's Education Plan
House Panel Advances Bill Aiding Black Lung Victims
Nutrition, Food Stamps Bills Left Pending
Older Americans Act Stalls
Other Education Bills Considered in 1991
Presidential Statement: Bush Unveils Education Plan
Reauthorization for National Institutes of Health (NIH) Stalled in Senate
Recruitment and Training of Health Professionals
States Restricted on Medicaid Fundraising
Substance Abuse, Mental Health Programs
Thomas Spars With Committee Over Natural Law, Abortion
Veterans Affairs Doctors, Dentists Get Raises
Vetoes Foil Abortion Rights Gains
Vets Counseling Bill Derailed in Senate