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 Health, Education, Human Services, Welfare and Social Policy
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Alcoholism Treatment Programs
Arthritis Prevention
Commodity Assistance
Community Services Agency Replaces OEO
Congress Clears $2.8-Billion Cancer Bill
Congress Clears Biomedical Research Bill
Congress Revises Health Planning Programs
Developmental Disabilities
Diabetes Research
Disability Benefits
Drug Industry Inquiry
Drug, Alcohol Abuse
Education and Science 1974: Overview
Food Stamp Eligibility
Health Insurance: No Action in 1974
Health Manpower Bill Dies in Conference
Health Policy 1974: Overview
Health Services Programs
Health Services Research
Hearings Air Abortion Controversy
Indian Health Care
Infant Death Syndrome
Institute on Aging
Legal Services Corporation Established
Loans for Health Students
Metric System
Narcotic Treatment Programs
Nurse Training Bill Veto
Nutrition AID for Elderly
Peer Review
President Signs S25.2-Billion Education Bill
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Drug Abuse
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Health Care
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Health Insurance
Presidential Veto Message: Ford Vetoes 24 Public Bills in 1974
Rehabilitation Act
Safe Drinking Water
School Lunch Extension
Social Services Programs
Spanish-Speaking Committee
Student Records
Welfare Policy 1974: Overview