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 Health, Education, Human Services, Welfare and Social Policy
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1972 Education Act: $21-Billion in Aid, Busing Curbs
92nd Congress Compiles Respectable Health Record
Alcohol Abuse
American Indian: Economic and Social Development
Arthritis, Digestive Diseases
Black Lung Aid: Miners' Eligibility Liberalized
Busing Constitutional Amendment
Cancer Research
Child Development Legislation Dies in House
Cigarette Regulation
Communicable Diseases
Congress Expands School Lunch Program
Congress Extends Anti-Poverty Program Through 1974
Congress Raises Social Security Benefits 20 Percent
Congressional Anti-Busing Sentiment Mounts in 1972
Cooley's Anemia
Death with Dignity
Drug Abuse Education
Drug Abuse Prevention: New Programs Approved
Drug Listing
Drug Treatment
Drug Treatment for Veterans
Emergency Medical Care
Emergency Public Works
Employment for Senior Citizens
Equal Rights: Amendment Passed Over Ervin Opposition
Federal Health Insurance
Food Additives
Food Stamps
Health Insurance
Health Service Corps
Heart and Lung Disease
Hospital Construction
Immigration Act
Indian Claims Commission
Infant Death Syndrome
Information on Illegal Drugs
Institute of Aging
Juvenile Delinquency
Lead-Based Paint Poisoning
Maternal Child Health Programs
Meat Inspection
Medical Libraries
Mental Health Centers
Methadone Treatment
Migrant Workers' Health Care
Military Drug Treatment
Military Medical School
Multiple Sclerosis
Nixon Vetoes $1.7-Billion Rehabilitation Bill
Non-Profit Hospital Employees
Nutrition for Aged
Older Americans Act Amendments
President's Two Anti-Busing Measures Shelved
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Minority Enterprises
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Older Americans
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Rural Development
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on School Busing, 1972
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Social Services
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Welfare Reform, 1972
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Requests Action on Three Health Care Programs
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Seeks Disaster Relief
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Vetoes Older American, Aging Bills
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's Bicentennial Message
Presidential Veto Message: Nixon Vetoes Labor-HEW Appropriations Bill
Private School Finance
Public Education Finance
Public Health Personnel
Public Works Acceleration
Public Works Development
Runaway Youth Act
Safe Drinking Water
Senate Passes Health Maintenance Organization Bill
Sickle Cell Anemia
Sickle Cell Anemia
Social Services
Spanish-Speaking Students
Student Loan Program
Teachers' Pensions
Tobacco Report
Toxic Substances Control Measure Dies in House
VA Medical Schools
Veterans' Education Benefits
Veterans' Health Care
Welfare Reform Deleted from Social Security Bill