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 Health, Education, Human Services, Welfare and Social Policy
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Action on Higher Education Bills Deferred to 1968
Antipoverty Funds
Antipoverty Program Survives Assault, Gets $1.8 Billion
Bill to Protect Civil Rights Workers Passes House
Birth Control Programs
Civil Rights Bill Split up, Few Proposals Passed
Congress Considers Plans to Aid Rural Development
Congress Extends Appalachia Aid Program
Congress Extends Vocational Rehabilitation Act
Congress Passes No Major Civil Rights Legislation For Second Year In Row; Ghetto Rioting Intensifies
Congress Votes $13.3 Billion in Labor-HEW Funds
Doctors and Medical Sales
Early Appropriations Urged by School Administrators
Executive Branch Steps up Antismoking Efforts
Federal Laboratories
Fish Flour
Flood Insurance Program
Food Stamp Program
Goddard on Marijuana
Guaranteed Income
Health Agencies Scored by House Reports
Health-Care Report
HEW Department Consolidates Civil Rights Enforcement
Hospital Modernization
House Rewrites and Passes Safe Streets Bill
Johnson News Conference
Johnson Speech on Civil Rights at Howard University 100th Anniversary
Johnson's War Against Crime
Lengthy Hearings Held on the Cost of Drugs
Library Services
Mental Health Centers
Message to Congress: Johnson on Children and Youth
Message to Congress: Johnson on Education and Health
Message to Congress: Johnson on Older Americans
Message to Congress: Johnson on Urban, Rural Poverty
Message to Congress: Johnson's on Crime
Message to Congress:Johnson's Civil Rights Message
Nation's Meat Inspection Requirements Tightened
New Conference :Transcript of the Johnson's News Conference
New Conference: Transcript of Johnson's May 18 News Conference
Older Americans Act
Partnership For Health Bill Includes Rat Control Funds
Preschoolers to Teen-Agers Aided by New Programs
Presidential Address: Johnson on 'Law and Order in America'
Rat Control Rejected
School Desegregation
School Land
Senate Hearings Held on 1967 Civil Rights Act
Senate Passes Bill on Federal Jury Selection
Social Security Aid Raised; Welfare Pay Restricted
Staffing Grants Authorized For Retardation Centers
State of the Union: Johnson Asks Reaffirmation Of Commitment to Viet Nam War, Domestic Reforms
Teacher Corps Extended for Three Years
Two-Year Elementary School AID Bill Enacted
World Food Crisis