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 Health, Education, Human Services, Welfare and Social Policy
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Appalachian Development Bill Fails to Clear Congress
Auto Safety Standards
Bills Acted on–Education and Welfare
Bills Introduced–Education and Welfare
Black Market Adoptions
Coal Mine Safety
College Aid
Committee Issues Ten Reports on Federal Research
Congress Grants Major Education Requests
Disabled Veterans' Children
Hill-Burton Amendments
Housing Act Expands Existing Programs
Johnson's Michigan Speech on ‘Great Society’
Juvenile Delinquency
Little Action Follows Johnson's Consumer Message
Major Offenses in 1963, Rate and Rank of 191 U.S. Cities
Medical Student Loans
Medicare Program Dies in Conference
Message to Congress: Johnson Renews Plea for “Medicare”
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests Omnibus Housing, Community Development Program
Message to Congress: Johnson's March 16 Message on Poverty
NDEA, Impacted Areas
No Action Taken to Regulate Firearms Shipments
Nurse Training Act
Optometry Students' Aid
Pensions, NSLI Insurance
President's ‘War on Poverty’ Approved
President's Health Message Stresses Medicare
Private Health Insurance
Public Health Training
Senate Votes To Tighten Controls On Dangerous Drugs
Services for The Elderly
Shared Time
Smoking Linked to Disease; Government Action Delayed
Total Arrests by Age Groups, 1963
Urban Libraries Made Eligible for Federal Aid
Value of Tobacco to U.S. Economy is Significant
Veterans' Nursing Care