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 Health, Education, Human Services, Welfare and Social Policy
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‘Impacted Areas’ Aid: Receipts Listed, Votes Compared
Administration Wins Victory on Housing Bill
Aid for Medical Training
Aid to Dependent Children
Bills Acted On – Education and Welfare
Bills Introduced – Education and Welfare
Cold War GI Bill
Community Health Facilities
Congress Also Blocks College Aid Programs
Congress Enacts Area Redevelopment Bill
Defense Education Act Extended Two Years
Educational TV
Federal aid to Education
Freedmen's Hospital
General School Aid Again Blocked
Juvenile Delinquency Act
Labor Sought Unemployment Program Overhaul in 1961
Legal, Historical Background on Private Schools Issue
Medical Insurance for the Aged
Mine Safety
New Controls Proposed for Drug Industry
Permanent Changes Proposed
President Kennedy's Message on Assistant HEW Secretary
President Kennedy's Message on Economic Recovery and Growth
President Kennedy's Message on Federal Aid to Education
President Kennedy's Message on Health and Hosptial Care
President Kennedy's Message on Unemployment Compensation
President Kennedy's State of the Union Message, 1961
Railroad Retirement
Railroad Unemployment
Resumé of 1961 Action on School-Aid Bills
Senate Passes Aid-To-Education Bill, 49-34, on May 25
Social Security Benefits and Taxes Increased
Temporary Unemployment Benefits Program
Text of President Eisenhower's Jan. 12 State of the Union Message
Two School Aid Bills Blocked by House Actions
Veterans' Benefits Blocked
Veterans' Home Loans
Water Pollution Program Increased
Welfare-Pension Plans
Youth Training