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 General Government
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1965 Presidential Nominations
1965 Redistricting in 17 States
450 New Lobbyist Registrations Filed in 1965
Agency Law Practice
Anticrime Program Presented to Congress
Bills Acted on — General Government
Bills Introduced – General Government
Congress Failed to Revise U.S. Copyright Law
Congress Seeks to Cut Federal Paperwork
Congressional District Standards Set by House
Constitutional Amendment on Presidency
Correctional Training
D.C. Crime Bill
D.C. Rapid Transit
Fair Employment
Federal Aid Cutoff Prompted Limited School Desegregation
Federal Computer Pool
Federal Employees Get Another Pay Raise
Federal Judgeships
Federal Race Guidelines
Federal Retirement Pay
Foreign Affairs System
Foundation on the Arts and Humanities
Government Information
Hatch Act Review
Hearings Held on Administration Gun Control Bill
Hemisphere Expositions
Home Rule for District of Columbia Fails
House Rejects Challenges in Three Seating Disputes
House Rules Changes Enhance Majority Rule
Hurricane Betsy Relief
Inaugral Address:Johnson Expounds Personal Philosophy, Outlines 'Great Society'
Joint Committee Set Up to Study Congress
Jury Commissions
Juvenile Delinquency Act
Ku Klux Klan Probe Begun
Law Enforcement Training
Madison Memorial Library
Members' Allowances
Message to Congress: Johnson Asks Congressional Protection For 'The Most Basic Right' - The Right to Vote
Message to Congress: Johnson on Arts and Humanities
Message to Congress: Johnson on Home Rule for the District
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests Presidential Succession, Electoral College Constitutional Amendments
Message to Congress: Johnson's March 8 Message on Crime
Message to Congress: Johnson's Voting Rights Message
Narcotics Treatment
Negro Riots
New Federal Civil Rights Laws Urged at Planning Conference
Northwest Flood Relief
Obscene Mail
Partial Text of President's Civil Rights Address at Howard
Patent Policy
Postal Jobs Controversy
President Asks Pay Raise for Military, Federal Workers
President Johnson's Major Appointments of 1965
Pretrial Information
Prisoner Rehabilitation
Provisions of Voting Rights Act of 1965 (PL 89-110)
Reorganization Act
Senate Cloture Rule
Senate Eases Bail System For Accused Persons
Senate Passes Omnibus Disaster Relief Bill
Sports Regulations
State Apportionment Plan Loses in Senate
State of the Union: Johnson Describes Nation as 'Free, Restless, Growing and Full of Hope'
Steps Taken to Follow Up Warren Commission Report
Subcommittees Examine Federal Invasion of Privacy'
Supreme Court Salaries
USIA Kennedy Film
Veto Message: Johnson Vetoes Seven Bills in 1965
Voting Rights Act of 1965