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 General Government
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1961 Lobby Spending Up From 1960
1962 Presidential Nominations
273 Lobby Groups List Spending For First Half of 1962
312 Lobby Groups List their Spending in 1961
367 New Lobby Registrations Filed in 1962
Action on HR 10050
Analysis of Senate's Last Five Cloture Votes
Anti-Crime Bills
Balance Of Payments
Bills Acted on — General Government
Bills Introduced — General Government
Campaign Financing
Committee Staffs
Congress Amends Conflict-of-Interest Laws
Congress Blocks Urban Affairs Plan
Congress Grants Fewer than Half of President's Requests
Congress Recommends Poll Tax Ban
Contempt Citations
Copyright Protection
D.C. Death Penalty
D.C. Juvenile Court
D.C. Obscene Publications
Debt Limit Raised Twice in Session
District Court Jurisdiction
Equal Employment
Federal Reserve Buildings
Filibuster Kills Bill on Literacy Tests
First Six Months of Lobby Spending Exceeds $2 Million
FPC Functions
Historical Background of Propaganda Mail Interception
House Enlargement
Kennedy Recommends Consumer Protection
Kennedy Vetoes Twelve Bills in 1962
Most Lobbies Pleased by 1962 Achievements
N.Y. City Payment
New Commerce Official
Postal Rates, Federal and Postal Pay Raised
President Kennedy's Major Appointments of 1962
President Proposes ‘Comparability’ As New Federal Pay Standard
President Requests Action in Consumer Interests
President Urges Election Finance Changes
President's Address on Mississippi Situation
Science Medal Payment
Science, Technology Office
Service Academies
State Of The Union Message Summarizes 1962 Program
State-by-State Breakdown of Final 1960 Census Figures
War Claims