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 General Government
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“Hiss Act” Amendments
1961 Presidential Nominations
274 Lobby Groups List Spending for First Half of 1961
289 Registered Lobbyists and What They Spent in 1960
Action Postponed on Postal Rate Increase Bill
Action Postponed on Urban Affairs Department
Assistant Secretaries
Bill Introduced - General Government
Bills Acted On – General Government
Civil Rights Commission Extended; Issues Reports
Civil Service Fund
Civil Service Supergrades
Congress Creates 73 New Judgeships
Congress Enacts Five Anti-Crime Bills
Congressional Flag
D.C Revenue, Schools
D.C. Voting Rules
Disputed Indiana Seat
Economic Advisers
Federal Elections
Fifteen States Took Redistricting Action in 1961
Fine Arts Council
House Enlarges Rules Committee
House Revises Conflict-Of-Interest Laws
Judicial Appointments
Lobbies in 1961 Met with Success and Failure
Lobbies Report Nearly $2 Million Spent in Six Months
Mallory Rule
National Aquarium
New Amendment Gives D.C Presidential Electors
Policy Machinery Investigation Ends
Postal Employees' Pay
President Kennedy's Inaugural Address: ‘Ask What You Can Do For Your Country’
President Kennedy's Major Appointments of 1961
President Kennedy's Message on Conflicts of Interest
President Kennedy's Message on Presidential Succession
President Kennedy's Special Message On Urgent National Needs
President's Message on Regulatory Agencies
Pressure Groups Spent $3.85 Million on Lobbying in 1960
Registered Lobbyists Increase in 1961
Reorganization Act
Reorganization of Regulatory Agencies
Senate Rules Unchanged
Text of President Eisenhower's Final Radio-TV Message to Nation
Text of President Eisenhower's Jan. 12 State of the Union Message
U.S. Attorneys' Salaries
World's Fair Planning