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 General Government
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1959 Presidential Nominations
249 Lobby Groups List Spending for First Half of 1959
364 New Lobbyists Bring 14-Year Total to 5,507
Background on Hawaii Statehood Bill
Bills Acted On – Miscellaneous and Administrative
Bills Introduced – Miscellaneous-Administrative
Candidates' Stands
Congress Admits Hawaii as 50th State
Congress Approves 40.8% of President's Program
Congress Closed 30% of Committee Meetings
Congress Overrode One of 20 Vetoes in 1959
Congressional Quarterly's Eisenhower Boxscore for 1959
D. C. Home Rule
Democratic Advisory Council Issues Policy Statement
Democrats to Meet in Los Angeles; Gop in Chicago
Federal Elections Bill
Federal-State Commission
Final Alaska Statehood Action
Illinois Land Purchase
List of 263 Registered Lobbies and What They Spent in 1958
Lobbies Report Nearly $2 Million Spent in Six Months
Nominations Confirmed
Obscene Mail
Political Broadcasts
Pressure Groups' 1958 Spending Tops $4 Million
Regulatory Agencies
Reorganization Act
Reports on Human Needs, Economic Progress Issued
Republicans Outline Their Long-Term Goals
Republicans, 5 Democrats Lead Nomination Races
State of the Union Message Urges Congress to Balance the Budget
Summary of 28 Key Votes In Senate and House
The United States of America – Now 50 Strong