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 General Government
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1958 Bills Acted On – Miscellaneous and Administrative
1958 Bills Introduced–Miscellaneous-Administrative
1958 Nominations
318 Lobbyists Register, 13-Year Total is 5,124
Advance Procurement
Alaska Statehood Historic Act of 85th Congress
Atomic Icebreaker
Civil Service Retirement
Congress Admits Alaska as 49th State
Congress Approves of 109 of IKE'S 234 Requests
Congress Strengthened Obscenity Law
D. C. Appropriation
D. C. Cultural Center
D. C. Home Rule
Democrats Increase Governorship Margin
Documents in Sherman ADAMS Controversy
Executive Offices' Funds
Federal Pay Raise
Federal Security Program
Federal-State Programs
Fight on Alteration of Capitol Lost
Government Secrecy
Hawaii Statehood
Independent Offices
Interior Appropriation
Lobbies Spent $3.8 Million on 1957 Activities
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Proposes Study of Federal Employees' Pay
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Suggests New Passport Legislation
Message to Congress: Eisenhower's Legislative Proposals
Nominees Confirmed
None of Anti-Court Proposals Survives Senate Test
Politcal Groups Spent $4.7 Million in 1957
Postal Rate, Pay Increases
Presidential Pensions
Pressure for Labor Legislation Produced Little
Regulatory Agencies Probe
Review of Lobby Goals for 1959
Spending Controls
State Breakdown of $1,000-or-More Donations in 1957
State of the Union: Eisenhower Proposes ‘Safety Through Strength’
Summary of 12 Key Votes in Each House
Temporary Appropriations
Treasury-Post Office
Urgent Deficiency Funds
Veto Message: Eisenhower Vetoes Thirty-Nine Bills in 1958