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 General Government
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$33 Million Reported Spent in Federal Election Campaign
1956 House Candidates Get $2.5 Million, Spend $2.9 Million
1956 Reported Lobby Spending of 264 Organizations
1957 Bills Acted On – Miscellaneous and Administrative
1957 Bills Introduced – Miscellaneous and Administrative
1957 Off-Year Elections
1957 Presidential Nominations
361 Lobbyists Register, 12-Year Total is 4,775
Advisory Committees
AEC Salaries
Analysis of Congressional Farm Districts
Campaign Spending
Congress Approves Civil Rights Act of 1957
Congress Spends Record Amount on 1957 Probes
Contempt Citations
D.C. Appropriation
Deficiency Appropriation
Eisenhower Asks States to Retrieve Governmental Functions
Eisenhower Vote Gains in Labor Districts
Extra Post Office Funds
Federal Pay Raise
Federal-State Relations
House Shifts to Follow 1960 Census
Independent Offices
Interior Appropriation
Investigations Funds – 84th and 85th Congresses
Lease-purchase Program
List of First Half Lobby Spenders for 1957
Lobbies Pleased with '57 Session of Congress
Lobbies Spend $1.8 Million Midway in 1957
Major Investigations Undertaken in 1957
Nixon's Activities in 1957 that have Brought him to the fore in Eisenhower's Second Administration
Nixon's Political, Congressional Career Reviewed
Postal Pay Raise Veto
Postal Rate Increase
President Eisenhower Reports on the State of the Union
President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon Start 2nd Term
President Vetoes Twelve Bills in 1957
Presidential Disability
Regulatory Agencies Probe
Reorganization Act
Reported Lobby Spending at All-Time Low
Senate Candidates Report Spending $3.3 Million in 1956 Republicans Report $1.7 Million, Democrats $1.5 Million
Statehood Considered by Congress Since 1947
Statehood for Alaska, Hawaii
Treasury-Post Office
What Tasks Face New Republican Chairman?
Why an Ike Win & A Democratic Congress?