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 Foreign Policy and Intelligence
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‘October Surprise’ Redux
Administration Struggles With Bosnia Policy
After the Handshake, No Massive Aid Grants for Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)
Albright Approved As U.N. Envoy
Attempts Fail To Reinstate Haiti's Aristide
Clinton Restores Fund Aid
Congress Backs Massive Aid to Russia
Congress Freezes Intelligence Budget
Foreign Aid Bill Stalls in Senate
Hill Demands Early ‘94 Somalia Withdrawal
Law Lifts Last Sanctions Against South Africa
Leaders in ‘Defining Drama’ Express Hope for New Era
Persian Gulf War Has Lingering Aftermath
POW-MIA Issue Clouds Vietnam Relations
Presidential Address: Clinton -- More Troops Needed For Safe Somalia Pullout
Presidential Address: Clinton Calls For Honest Look At U.N.'s Global Challenges
Presidential Address: Clinton Describes Retaliation Against Iraqi Complex
Presidential Address: President-Elect Clinton Reassures Allies
Presidential News Conference: Clinton announces policy on illegal immigration
Presidential News Conference: Clinton says Haiti must put ‘Democracy Back on Track’
State Department Authorization Held Over
U.N. Peacekeeping Proves Risky
U.S. Suspects North Korea Of Nuclear Arms Capacity
Warren Christopher OK'd As Secretary of State
Woolsey Confirmed for CIA