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 Foreign Policy and Intelligence
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As Iron Curtain Falls, Superpowers Thaw
Bipartisan Accord: Bush and Congress on Latin America
Bush at Coast Guard Academy: Welcomes Changes In Soviet Union, Europe
Bush Sees Soviet Policy ‘Beyond Containment’
Chemical Arms Sanctions
Controversial Envoys
El Salvador Eludes Tight Aid Strings
Hill Approves Measure On Palau Autonomy
Hill Late in Clearing State Dept. Bill
Intelligence Authorization, CIA Watchdog Dispute
Iran-Contra Jury Finds Oliver North Guilty
Limited Legal Legacy Left by Iran-Contra
Measure Authorizing Foreign Aid Dies
Nicaragua Policy Shifts Under Bush
Poland, Hungary Aid Launched in 1989
Presidential Address: Bush Urges Superpowers To Cut Chemical Arms
Presidential News Conference: Bush Deplores Noriega, Panama Election Fraud
Presidential Statement: Bush Lauds Agreement On Central America
Presidential Statement: Bush Seeks Partners On Latin America Plan
Repression in China Leads to Sanctions
South Africa Government Buys Itself Some Time
Summit Leaders Outline NATO's Past, Future
Superpowers Stir Interest In a Nerve Gas Ban
U.S. Invasion Ousts Panama's Noriega