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 Foreign Policy and Intelligence
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$2.4 Billion Embassy Security Plan Approved
Angola Aid
British Extradition Treaty, Irish Aid Approved
Chronology of Events in the Iran-Contra Affair
Clashes With Libya Renew War Powers Debate
Congress Agrees to Renew Contra Arms Aid
Foreign Policy 1986: Overview
Former National Security Agency Adviser McFarlane On Iran-‘Contra’ Affair
Genocide Treaty Approved
Helms vs. State on Chile
Hill Overrides Veto of South Africa Sanctions
Intelligence Authorization: Small Increase
Nominations Logjam
Philippine Aid
Presidential Address: Reagan on Aid to Nicaraguan Rebels
Presidential Address: Reagan On Arms Shipments to Iran
Presidential Address: Reagan's 1986 Remarks on Trade and Foreign Policy
Presidential Address: Reagan's Address on South Africa
Presidential Address: Reagan's June 24 Address On Aid to Nicaraguan 'Contras'
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Letter on South Africa Executive Order
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Message to Congress On Aid to Nicaraguan 'Contras'
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Saudi Arms Sale
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes South Africa Sanctions
Reagan's Letter on U.S. Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) For Saudi Arabia
Reagan, Meese on Iran-Nicaragua Arms Deals
Saudi Arms Sale: Senate Upholds Reagan Plan
Special Report: The Iran-Contra Affair
Text of Reagan's Speech on U.S.-Soviet Iceland Summit
Text of Shultz' Testimony On Role in Iran Arms Scandal
U.S.-Iceland Treaty