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 Foreign Policy and Intelligence
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Aid to Pakistan
Aircraft Hijacking
China Policy: 1955 Formosa Resolution Survives
Conferees Set Substitute Foreign Aid At $2.75-Billion
Draft Extended After War, Foreign Policy Debate
Foreign Aid Funds: House Cuts Request $1.34-Billion
Foreign Aid: Senate Rejection of 24-Year Program
Foreign Economic Policy
Foreign Service Scholarships
Geneva Protocol
Genocide Convention
International Development Aid
International Drug Traffic
International Police
Laos Invasion Draws Limited Criticism from Congress
Middle East Resolution
Military Assistance
NATO Commitments
Okinawa Reversion Treaty
Other Treaties
Philippines Bonds
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Consents to Reversion of Okinawa to Japan
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's Foreign Policy Report
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's Message on Foreign Aid Reorganization
Presidential Statement:Nixon Broadcast on Vietnam
Protocol to Latin Nuclear Treaty
Soviet Naval Activities
U.S. Foreign Military Aid: Up to $7 Billion a Year
U.S. Naval Ship Loans
U.S.-Mexican Boundary Disputes
U.S.-Mexican Boundary Disputes
Vietnam War Cost
Vietnamese Election