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 Foreign Policy and Intelligence
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Arms Control Agency
Bills Acted on – Foreign Policy
Bills Introduced – Foreign Policy
Congress Approves Coffee Agreement Enforcement
Cuban Claims
Diplomatic Relations
East-West Trade Plans
Export Control Act
Foreign Agents Act
Foreign Aid Funds
Gut Dam Claims
Hague Protocol
Inter-American Bank
Johnson Calls for Unconditional Talks on Viet Nam Proposes Peaceful Cooperative Development of Southeast Asia
Little Progress Made in ‘Kennedy Round’ Negotiations
Major Revision of Aid Program Rejected
Message to Congress: Johnson on Arms Control Agency
Message to Congress: Johnson on Immigration Policy
Message to Congress: Johnson on Southeast Asia Development
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests $3.4 Billion Foreign Aid Program
Message to Congress: Johnson Requests Additional $700 Million for Viet Nam War
Message to Congress: Johnson's Request for UN Charter Revision
Monetary Fund Increase
National Quotas for Immigration to End
Peace Corps
President Johnson's Feb. 10 Balance of Payments Message
Ratification of U.N. Charter Amendments
Ryukyu Damage Claims
Senate Floor Action on USSR Consular Treaty Held Up
State of the Union: Johnson Describes Nation as 'Free, Restless, Growing and Full of Hope'
Tariff Schedules
U.S. Troops Sent to Dominican Republic
U.S.-Canadian Removal of Auto Tariffs Approved
Viet Nam War Grows, Becomes Major Issue
World Bank, IFC Charters