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 Foreign Policy and Intelligence
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Battle Act
Bills Acted On – Foreign Policy
Bills Introduced – Foreign Policy
China Resolution
Congress Establishes Disarmament Agency
Congress Revises Foreign AID Program
Educational Exchanges
Export-Import Insurance
Extradition, Shipping Pacts
Foreign Aid Funds
Foreign Central Banks
Foreign Commerce Act
IFC Investment
Immigration Amendments
Improvement in Balance of Payments
Nuclear Test Ban
OECD Agreement
Peace Corps Set Up for AID Abroad
President Kennedy Asks Congress For Disarmament Unit
President Kennedy Offers 10-Point Program for Latin America
President Kennedy's Message on Balance-of-Payments
President Kennedy's Message on Refugee Programs
President Kennedy's Message on U.S. Foreign Aid Programs
President Kennedy's Message on U.S.-French Weapons Agreement
President Kennedy's Message onForeign Aid Funds Request
President Kennedy's Peace Corps Proposal
President Kennedy's Report To The Nation On Berlin
President Kennedy's Special Message On Urgent National Needs
President Kennedy's State of the Union Message, 1961
President Kennedy's United Nations Disarmament Address
Refugee Assistance
Relations With Cuba
Text of President Eisenhower's Final Radio-TV Message to Nation
Text of President Eisenhower's Jan. 12 State of the Union Message
Text of President Kennedy's Message to Congress on Latin America
Tourist Allowance
US. Travel Service