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 Energy and Environment
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'93 Floods Prompt Revamping Of Insurance Program
Bill Aims at Limiting Dumping Of Radioactive Waste
Environmental Priorities Include Lead Exposure, Wetlands Protections and Landfill Issues
Environmental Technology Bills Taken Up in Both Chambers
Fragile California Desert Bill Blooms Late in Session
Hill Leaves Timber Feud to Courts
Hill Revamps Marine Mammal Act
House Approves Creation Of ‘Heritage Areas'
House Committee Approves Risk Assessment Initiative
Lawmakers Abandon Fishing Bill
Montana Wilderness Bill Stalls
Narrow Strategic Reserve Bill Clears
National Parks Bill Runs Out of Time
National Parks Bills in 1995: Protections for Rivers, Everglades
No Cabinet Position for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
No Consensus on Park Concessions
No Floor Action on Superfund Bill
No Update on Clean Water Law
Park Fee Increase Falls Victim To Year-End Slowdown
Presidio Management Bill Stalls
Propane, Helium and Alternative Energy Proposals Win Voice Vote Approval
Radon Disclosure Legislation Wins House Approval
Rewrite of 1872 Mining Law Falls
Safe Drinking Water Overhaul Fails
Senate Kills Waste Transport Bill
Split in Idaho Delegation Sinks Wilderness Bill
Steamtown Site Survives Derailment Attempt