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 Energy and Environment
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Appliance Bill Approved
Arctic Refuge Battle
Congress Overhauls Oil, Gas Leasing System
Congress Overrides Clean-Water Bill Veto
Congress Prohibits Dumping Plastics at Sea
Endangered Species Act
Environment/Energy 1987: Overview
Fish and Wildlife Bill
Fuel Use Act Repealed
Grand Canyon Flights
Groundwater Research
House Amends Nuclear-Insurance Law
House Approves Land Swaps
House Passes Bill Boosting Alternative Fuels
House Sets Stage for Clean-Air Debate in 1988
Jimmy Carter Historic Site
National Park Fees
Nevada Chosen to Receive Nuclear Waste
NOAA Authorization
Nuclear Plant Security
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Reauthorization
Nuclear Safety Board
Oil Shale Land Claims
Ozone Agreement
Panel OKs Bill to Rescue Uranium Industry
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Clean Water Act
Radon Grants
Rivers and Wilderness Bills
School Asbestos Removal
Senate Votes to Repeal ‘Windfall Profits’ Tax
Strip-Mining Restrictions
Supercollider Funds
Tin-Based Paints