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 Energy and Environment
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Antitrust Exemption for International Energy Agency (IEA)
Arctic Research Program
Clean Air Bill Stalled by Acid Rain Dispute
Coal Leasing Suspended
Coastal Revenue Sharing
Colorado Salinity Control
Congress Slashes Funding of Synfuels Program
Congress Tightens Hazardous Waste Controls
Construction Work in Progress (CWIP) Bill, Drafted to Block Early Charges to Customers, Dies in Senate
Control of Offshore Leasing
Dam Safety Repairs Voted
Divisive Natural Gas Bill Scrapped in House
Drinking Water Bill Dies
Emergency Preparedness
Energy Conservation
Energy Research Bill
Environment/Energy 1984: Overview
EPA Research Authorization
High Plains Groundwater
Hoover Dam Power Pricing
House Approves Revision of Clean Water Act
Hydropower Fee Scale
Marine Mammal Protection
Millions of Acres Win Wilderness Protection
Nuclear Waste Sites
Ocean Dumping Bill Dies
Oil Company Mergers
Omnibus Water Project Bill Dies in Senate
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Conservation Corps Bill
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Research and Services Act
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Water Resources Research
Reauthorization Clears for Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Ruckelshaus, Clark Depart; Hodel Shifts Jobs
Senior Citizens, EPA Jobs
Striped Bass Bill Cleared
Superfund Reauthorization Passed by House
Timber Contract Relief
Water Bill Veto Overridden
Weatherization Program
Wetlands Loan Extended
Wetlands Protection Bill
Wild and Scenic Rivers System Expanded