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 Energy and Environment
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‘Dealer Day in Court” Bill
‘Sun Day” Resolution
Boundary Waters Area
Carter Acts to Preserve Alaskan Wilderness
Carter Water Policy, Projects Proposed
Chattahoochee River
Climate Research
Coal Leasing Amendments
Coal Slurry Bill Killed by Heavy Lobbying
Continental Shelf Leasing Bill Cleared
Drought Aid Extension
Endangered Species Curbs
Energy and Environment, 1978 Overview
Energy Authorization Bills Fail to Clear
Energy Bill: The End of an Odyssey
Energy Boom Town Aid
Energy Research
Environmental Research
Interior, Energy Funds
Land Management Bureau
Liquefied Energy Gases
Marine Mammal Protection
Noise Control Programs
Nongame Wildlife Bill
Nuclear Agency Funds
Nuclear Licensing Reform
Ocean Pollution Research
Oil Reserves Plan Rejected
Oil Shale Development
Oil Spill Liability
Omnibus Parks Bill
Pesticides Marketing Bill
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Water Policy
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Legionville Historic Site Bill
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Public Works Bill
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Sikes Act
Presidential Veto Message: Carter's Aquaculture Pocket Veto
Private Rangeland Bills
Public Grazing Land Laws
Reclamation Dam Repair
Redwood Park Expansion
Refuge Revenue Sharing Act
SBA Solar Loan Program
Seabed Mining
Sikes Act Amendments
Solar Energy Cell Program
Solar Satellite Research
Strip Mining
Tanker Safety
Timber Bids
Water Resources Council
Water Resources Research