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 Energy and Environment
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'Energy Actions’
Alaska Gas Route
Atomic Energy Committee
Carter Energy Bill Fails to Clear
Coal Slurry
Congress Clears Emergency Gas Bill Quickly
Congress Refuses to Kill Clinch River Plant
Continental Shelf Leasing Bill Postponed
Earthquake Programs
Endangered Species
Energy and Environment 1977: Overview
Energy Extensions
Energy Research Funds Vetoed
Fair Marketing Practices
Land Conservation Fund
Major Clean Air Amendments Enacted
Marine Mammals
National Security Energy
New Department Given Wide Energy Powers
New Wilderness Areas
NRC Authorization
Ocean Dumping
Oil Pollution Bills Considered
Pesticides Registration
Presidential Address: Carter's Energy Crisis Broadcast
Presidential Address: Carter's Energy Crisis Proposals
Presidential Statement: Carter on Nuclear Power Policy
Presidential Statement: Carter on Oil Pollution Solutions
Presidential Statement: Carter on Protection of the Environment
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Drought Aid
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Energy Reorganization
Presidential Statement: Carter's Emergency Natural Gas Plan
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Breeder Reactor Bill
Redwood Park
Safe Drinking Water
Strip Mining Control Bill Signed
The Alaska Lands Issue: Our Last Frontier
Timber Bids
Toxic Substances
Water Pollution Compromise Enacted
Water Projects Compromise Reached
Water Resources Research