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 Energy and Environment
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Building Energy Standards
Coal Leasing Rules
Congress Clears Pesticide Regulation Bill
Congress Faces Hard Choices On Clean Air Act
Conservation Fund
Electric Automobiles
Energy and Environment, 1975 Overview
Energy Corporation
Energy Tax Bill Stalls in Senate
Environmental Impact
Environmental Quality
EPA Authorization
Fair Marketing Practices
First Authorization for Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) Clears, with Focus on Exploration and Alternative Energy
Ford Ends Stalemate, Signs Energy Bill
Ford's 1975: Economy, Energy, Foreign Policy
Gas Deregulation Issue Considered
Hells Canyon Area
House Sustains Strip Mining Veto
Land Management
Land Use Bill Killed
Marine Protection
Nantucket Islands Trust
Naval Oil Reserves Bill Sent to Conference
Noise Control
Nuclear Insurance Program
Nuclear Regulatory Funds
Nuclear Supplemental
Oceans Advisory Committee
Oil Import Fees: The First Energy Stalemate
Ozone-Aerosol Issue
Presidential Budget Message: Seventeen Ford Veto Messages
Presidential Statement: Ford on Nuclear Exports and Safeguards
Presidential Statement: Ford on Oil Pollution
Presidential Statement: Ford on Uranium Enrichment
Saline Water Funds
Senate Votes Outer Continental Shelf Bills
Small Water Projects
Tennessee Valley Authority Issues Bonds to Expand Power System
Wildlife Refuges