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 Energy and Environment
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1969 Environmental Act Survives Broad-Scale Attacks
AEC Authorization
Alaska Pipeline: Back to Court Despite Interior's OK
Animal Control and Protection
Bald Eagle Protection
Bills Regulating Strip Mining Die in Senate
Buffalo National River
Cedar Keys
Cedar Keys
Clean Water: Congress Overrides Presidential Veto
Clear Air Act Probe: Political Mileage for Eagleton
Clearcutting of Federal Timber
Coal-Leasing Moratorium
Coastal Zone Manacement Bill Clears in 1972
Colorado River Basin
Congress Approves Moratorium on Sea Mammal Killing
Congress Clears Land and Water Conservation Bills
Continental Shelf
Council on Energy Policy
Cumberland National Seashore
Delaware Recreation Area
Disaster Relief
Environmental Compacts
Environmental Data
Environmental Financing
Expo '74
Federal Lands Guidelines
Federal Surplus Property
Flood Control Projects
Forestry Incentives Program
Forestry Programs
Gas Merger
Gas Pipeline Safety
Golden Eagle Passport Program
House, Senate Committees Study Energy Supplies
Inner City Environment
Jellyfish Control
Land Use Planning
Lassen Volcanic Wilderness Area
Liberalized Disaster Relief Loans Approved by Congress
Lincoln Back Country
Most Productive Environmental Session in History
NACOA Authorization
National Preservation Sites
Natural Gas Shortage
Ocean Pollution
Oil and Gas Compact
Oil Pollution Act
Oregon Dunes
Polar Bear Moratorium
Predator Controls and Endangered Species
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Proposes New Wilderness Protection Areas
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Renews Call for Environmental Legislation
Presidential Veto Message: Nixon Vetoes Environmental Systems, Centers
Presidential Veto Message: Nixon Vetoes Water Pollution Act
Reforestation: $65-Million Annually Through 1987
San Francisco Bay Wildlife
San Luis Valley Project
Sawtooth Recreation Area
Seabed Mining
Seal Harvest
Seaward Boundary Agreements
Sycamore Canyon Wilderness
Timber Management
Tinicum Center
Tuna Fisheries
UN Environmental Fund
Water Pollution Control
Water Resources Council
Weather Modification: Illegal Weapon of War?
Wild Areas
Wildlife Restoration