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 Energy and Environment
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$1.1 Billion Appalachia Aid Bill Approved
AEC Powerlines
Anti-Water Pollution Law Strengthened
Auto Pollution, Waste Disposal Act Passed
Bills Acted on – Public Works and Resources
Bills Introduced – Public Works and Resources
Congress Authorizes $2 Billion in New Water Projects
Cost-Sharing Rules Set for Water Project Recreation
Coulee Power Plant
Desalination Program
Electric CO-OP Funds
Fishing Bills
FPC Issues Permian Basin Natural Gas Ruling
Highway Beautification Act of 1965
Highway Funds Authorized for One Year
Lead, Zinc Subsidies
Major 1965 Actions on Water Legislation
Major Park, Recreation Legislation of 1965
Message to Congress: Johnson Asks Congressional Action to Preserve Natural Beauty in Cities and Countryside
Message to Congress: Johnson on Water Desalination
National Park Concessions
Natural Beauty Sought as U.S. Goal
No Final Action Taken on Oceanography Bill
Northeast Blackout
Northeast Drought
Nuclear Indemnities
State of the Union: Johnson Describes Nation as 'Free, Restless, Growing and Full of Hope'
Threatened Species
Water Resources Planning Act Passed by Congress