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 Defense, National Security, Homeland Security
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1981 Defense Supplemental Authorization
Arms Agency Authority
Defense 1981: Overview
Defense Bill Makes Most of Reagan's Cuts
Military Pay Increased
Money Bill Adds $9 Billion for Defense
Nuclear Weapons Authority
Presidential Statement: Carter Reports on U.S.-Iran Agreement on Release of American Hostages
Presidential Statement: Reagan Announces Nuclear Arms Decisions
Presidential Statement: Reagan Assures Senate About AWACS Sale
Presidential Statement: Reagan Immigration/Refugee Policy
Presidential Statement: Reagan Outlines Iran Claims Settlement
Presidential Statement: Reagan Reaction To AWACS Vote
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Nuclear Policy
Presidential Statement: Remarks on Strategic Nuclear Weapons
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Military Doctor Pay
Production Act Extended
Reagan Defense Plan Given Final Approval
Reagan Increases, Then Trims, Defense
Reagan Overcame Critics of His Arms Plan
Reduced Military Construction Abroad in 1982
Stockpiles Put in Budget Bill
Theater Nuclear Forces