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 Defense, National Security, Homeland Security
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Aircraft Procurement
Amchitka Nuclear Tests
Anti-Subversion Program
Antiwar Protests Confront Nixon Administration
Biggest Cut Made in Defense Funds Since Fiscal 1954
Biosatellite Program
Chemical-Biological Warfare
Civilian, Military Pay Raise
Coast Guard Funds
Coast Guard Increase
Coast Guard Reserve
Congress Authorizes Controversial ABM Funds
Congress Debates Vietnam Issue, Resolutions Adopted
Congress Probes Alleged U.S. Massacre in Vietnam
Defense Spending, Policies Criticized in Congress
Emergency Detention Repeal
Executive Branch Police
Foreign Commitments Hearings
Joint Committee Urges Reduction in Defense Spending
Merchant Marine
Military Construction
Military Construction Funds
Military Mail
News Conference: Johnson's Dec. 4 News Conference
President's Draft Lottery Approved by Congress
Presidential Address:Nixon Announces 50,000 Vietnam Troop Reduction
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Calls For National Unity On Vietnam
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Chemical-Biological Warfare
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on National Defense
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Nonproliferation Treaty
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Proposes Plan To Rebuild Merchant Fleet
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon's Draft Message
Procurement Commission
Public and Private Lobbying Involved in ABM Fight
Pueblo Investigation
Safeguard ABM; System
SDS Role in Prisoners' Release
Servicemen' Clubs, Black-Marketeering Investigated
Submarine Officers Bonus