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 Banking, Finance, Commerce and Economics
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White House Sees Fiscal Frugality As Beneficial to the Economy
Transportation Safety Board Wins Reauthorization
Transportation Legislation Emphasizes Air and Pipeline Safety
Tax Breaks Sweeten Wage Increase
Tax Bill Highlights
Shipbuilding Agreement Killed in the House
Senate Leadership Backs Down On Spectrum Auction Stance
Senate Foes Stop Trust Funds Bill
Securities Regulation Provisions
Republicans Spar Over Budget Plan
Republicans Narrow Focus Of Deregulatory Agenda
Raines Takes Helm At OMB
Raines Takes Helm At Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Process Marked by Exhaustion After Budget Battles of 1995
President Gets Budgetary Scalpel
Praise, Protest Greet Telecom Bill
Pesticide Rewrite Draws Wide Support
Pesticide Regulations Relaxed for Processed Foods
Patents, Mining and Tourism Addressed in Commerce Legislation
Omnibus Science Bill Dies in Senate
Ocean Shipping Deregulation Dies in the Senate
Next on the Agenda: Electric Power
Longstanding Farm Laws Rewritten
Line-Item Veto Provisions
Leach Gives Up on Glass-Steagall Repeal
Lawmakers Remain at Odds Over NASA Authorization
Lawmakers Debate Flat Tax For D.C., Taxpayer Bill of Rights
House Sustains Product Liability Veto
House Panel Proposes Changes to FCC's Authority
Highlights of President's Budget: Education and Community Development Funding Expands, Defense Dwindles
Greenspan, Rivlin, Meyer Confirmed at Fed
GOP Wins Passage of Banking Bill
GOP Backs Down on Debt-Limit Bill
Focus of Government Operations Legislation: White House Employees and Federal Personnel
Financial Services Provisions
Federal Express Fight Slows Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Bill
Farm Credits and Subsidies in Agricultural Legislation
Farm Bill Provisions
Dole Fails to Secure Gas Tax Repeal
Crash Claims Life of Sec. Brown; Kantor Takes Commerce Post
Copyright Law Rewrite Stalls
Congress Streamlines Securities Rules
Congress Reauthorizes Small Business Administration (SBA) Programs
Congress Again Gives Nod to Merchant Marine
Clinton Sends Fiscal ‘97 Budget to Hill
Budget Amendment Rejected Again
ATM Charge Disclosures, Commemorative Coins Clear in Congress