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 Banking, Finance, Commerce and Economics
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Worker ‘Buyout’ Plan Becomes Law
Small-Business Legislation Addresses Loans, Investment
Shipping Bill Dies in Senate Waters
Senate Takes No Action On Maritime Board
Senate Does Not Consider Tax Code Simplification
Rough ‘Whitewater’ Ride for Clinton
Rivlin, Tigert, Blinder Win Confirmation
Provisions for Implementation of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
Product Liability Bill Blocked
Procurement Bill Simplifies Buying
Patent Bills Left Unfinished
Other Securities-Related Bills Considered in 1994
Other Banking Legislation Considered in 1994
No Agreement on Unfunded Mandates
New Standards Developed For Toy Safety
Lawmakers Consider Baseball's Antitrust Exemption
Lawmakers Authorize Funds To Preserve Maritime Past
Lawmakers ‘Reinvent’ Agriculture
Law Limits Small-Plane Liability
Law Extends Protections For Plant Developers
Insurance Redlining Bill Passes in House
Insurance Antitrust Exemption Stalls With Health Care Bill
House Passes Budget Reform Bills
House Clears Bill To Increase Federal Land Payments
Hill Reauthorizes Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)
Highway Funds Meet Roadblocks
Highlights of President's Budget: Education and Fighting Crime Are Priorities As Science, Space Exploration and Highway Safety Face Cuts
Hazmat, Rail and Amtrak Issues Covered in Transportation Legislation
Government Operations Legislation: Emphasis on Ethics, Efficiency
Government Legislation Approves Funding for King Holiday and JFK Commissions
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) Enacted in Lame-Duck Session
Fishermen's Protection Act A Late-Session Casualty
Financial Services Trade Bill Falters at Session's End
Federal Workers Receive More Flexible Leave, Whistleblower's Protection
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Bill Targets Unfair Ads
Fair Credit Bill Stumbles in Senate
FAA Reauthorized for Three Years
Export Control Update Stalls Again
Entitlement Commission Closes Its Doors
Earthquake Study Refunded; Disaster Insurance and Emergency Preparedness Proposals Die
Deficit-Reduction Efforts on Track
Defense Export Measure Clears
Dairy Issues Feature in Agricultural Agenda for 1994
Crop Insurance Program Revamped
Congress' Budget Mirrors Clinton Plan
Congress Revises Bankruptcy Code
Congress Renews, Expands SBA
Congress Lets Renewal Of China's Most-Favored Nation (MFN) Status Stand
Congress Attempts To Spur Secondary Loan Market
Community Development Banking Provisions
Commerce Legislation Addresses Confirmations, Boxing and Pipeline Safety
Coast Guard Bill Stalls in Senate
Clinton, Congress Hold the Line On Major Deficit Reduction
Clinton's Modest Fiscal 1995 Plan
Bill To Aid Depressed Regions Stalls in the Senate
Banking Law Undergoes Revision
Balanced-Budget Amendment Dies
Alternative Lenders Get Assistance
‘Reinventing’ Government Advances in Steps