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 Banking, Finance, Commerce and Economics
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Whistleblower Bill Fails
U.S. Acts to Ease Trade with East Bloc
Troubled Consumer Agency Is Renewed
Textile Quota Bill Falls to Veto Again
Telemarketing Fraud
Tax on Pension Moves
Strict Limits on ‘Backhauling’ Enacted
Small Business Administration (SBA) Budget Trimmed, Passed
Screwworm Bill Cleared
Rural Development Aid Consolidated
Plan To Bar Low-Cost Timber Sales OK'd
Pesticide-Residue Regulation Shelved
Pension Board Backed
Nutrition-Monitoring Measure Enacted
No Hike in Jobless Pay
No Curbs on Airline LBOs
New Budget Process for Congress, President
Money-Laundering Schemes Bills Falter
Mexico Trade Pact Sought
Market Control Authority of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Increased
Lawmakers Divided on Development Bank
Latin America Aid Plan Fails To Advance
Large Farms Keep Irrigation Subsidies
Labeling of ‘Dolphin-Safe’ Tuna Regulated
Japan Makes Some Concessions on Trade
House Sustains Veto on Eastern Strike
House Sustains Family Leave Veto
House Backs Shift of Radio Frequencies
Hotel Fire Safety Pushed
Higher Deposit Insurance Premiums OK'd
Hazardous Materials Law Strengthened
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) Talks Stall Over Farm Subsidies
Futures Bill Fails Over Agency Control
Funding Dispute Kills Job-Training Bill
Foreign Banks Bill Dies
Food Stamp Program Extended Five Years
Fish Inspection Bill Dies in Hill Turf Fight
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Authorized
Fastener Standards Set
Deficit-Reduction Bill Has ‘New Taxes’
Congress Restricts Ads During Kids' TV
Congress Passes Caribbean Trade Bill
Congress Passes Bills Strengthening Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Congress Enacts Lean Farm Package
Compromise Age Protection Bill Passed
Coin-Redesign Lobbying Efforts Fail
Closed-Captioning Bill
Cable Reregulation Blocked in Senate
Bush Pocket-Vetoes Export Control Law
Bush Gets Parts of Aviation Package
Budget Adopted After Long Battle
Bill To Curb Product Suits Stalled Again
Bill To Add Thrift Bailout Funds Dies
Better Data on Foreign Investment Sought
Aviation Security Bills Cleared by Congress
Amtrak Told To Curb Waste Disposal
After Veto, Amtrak Renewed for Two Years
‘Junk Fax’ Curbs Eyed
‘Fire-Safe’ Cigarettes
‘Baby Bells’ Ask To Ease Curbs on Business