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 Banking, Finance, Commerce and Economics
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$4.1 Billion Miscellaneous Tax Bill Approved
After Three Years, Trade Bill Finally Clears
Anti-Takeover Bill Pulled From Senate Floor
Bill to Drop Penalties for Early Repayment of Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans Vetoed
Border Aid
Brady Confirmed
Caught in Turf Battle, Bank Powers Bill Dies
Coast Guard Authorization
Coin Bills
Congress Bans Polygraph Use in Private Sector
Congress Clears Plan for $1.1 Trillion Budget
Credit-Card Disclosure
Davis-Bacon Revision
Deficit Limited Reagan's Options in 1989 Budget
Democrats Stymied on Parental-Leave Bill
Economic Policy 1988: Overview
Home-Equity Bill
Indian Housing
Insider-Trading Bill
International Pacts OK'd
Lawmakers Put Off Product-Liability Measure
Maritime Measures
Overhaul of Small Business Administration (SBA) Minority Program Cleared
Prompt-Payments Bill Clears
Railroad Unemployment Fund
Reagan Vetoes Textile Bill
Reversions, Portable Pensions
Risk Notification
Senate Filibuster Kills Minimum-Wage Boost
Sewage Sludge
Stock Market Regulation
Thrift Crisis Debated, but Little Action Taken
Transportation/Commerce/Consumers 1988: Overview
U.S.-Canada Free-Trade Agreement Finalized
Women-Owned Businesses