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 Banking, Finance, Commerce and Economics
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Union Membership Rules
Truth in Lending
Taxes on Installment Sales
Tax Cut Bill Blocked
Special Jobless Benefits
Social Security Earnings
Securities Investor Privacy
Savings and Loan Takeovers
Revenue Sharing Extended Through Fiscal ′83
Reconciliation Tax Changes
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Railroad Retirement
Product Liability Insurance
Presidential Statement: Carter's Economic Report, January 1980
Presidential Address: Carter's Anti-Inflation Address
OSHA Restrictions
Miscellaneous Tax Measures
Merchant Marine Academies
Media Cross-Ownership
Maritime Labor Agreements
Leather Tariffs
Jobless Pay/Pension Offset
Independent Contractors
Housing Authorization
Historic Preservation
FTC Funds Bill With Legislative Veto Clears
Fisheries Promotion
Export Trading Companies
Economic Policy 1980: Overview
Economic Development Plan
Debt Limit Extensions
Countercyclical Aid
Congress Overrides Veto on Oil Import Fee
Budget Balance Amendment
Broad Banking Deregulation Bill Approved
Black Lung Claims
Bankruptcy Taxation
Bank Holding Curbs
Auto Import Curbs