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 Banking, Finance, Commerce and Economics
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$12.5-Billion Urban Aid Authorization Voted
1976 Tax Law Changes
1977 Housing Authorization
Agriculture/Consumer Affairs 1977: Overview
Bank Regulatory Powers
Banking Agency Audits
Black Lung Benefits
Checking Account Interest
Congress Approves Curtailed Stimulus Tax Bill
Congress Boosts Public Works Jobs Funding
Congress Clears Social Security Tax Increase
Consumer Co-op Bank
Consumer Controversies
Countercyclical Aid
Credit Union Powers
Curbs on Corporate Bribes
Debt Limit Increase
Economic Policy 1977: Overview
Electronic Fund Transfers
FTC Powers
Full Employment
House Rejects Labor-Backed Picketing Bill
Interest Rate Ceilings
Investor Protection
Labor Law Revision
Lance Bows to Pressure, Quits OMB Post
Mandatory Retirement Ban
Manpower Programs (CETA)
Mine Safety Standards
Neighborhood Preservation
Postal Arbitration Board
Postal Service Reform
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Illegal Aliens Legislation
Presidential Statement: Carter Recommends Establishment of Consumer Agency
Presidential Statement: Carter's Economic Stimulus Proposal
Public Participation
Regulatory Reform
Senate Finance: The Fiefdom of Russell Long
Small Business Act
Small Business Loans
Speaker Calls Off Consumer Agency Vote
Stimulus Plan Weighed in Budget Changes
Tax and Loan Accounts
Transportation and Commerce 1977: Overview
Unemployment Benefits
Youth Employment