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 2016 - 114th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 2 - Appropriations
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Agriculture: More Farm Spending, Fewer Rules
Appropriations Bills
Commerce-Justice-Science: Gun Check Plan Blocked, NASA Pruned
Continuing Resolution Provisions
Defense: Defense Bill Draws on Pentagon Wishes
Energy-Water Development: Energy-Water Bill Stalled by Discord
Financial Services: Financial Services Bill Survives Riders
Homeland Security: Homeland Bills in Legislative Limbo
Interior: Interior Bill Is Again a Battleground
Labor-HHS-Education: Labor-HHS Bill Corralled in Committee
Legislative Branch: House Votes to Again Skip a Pay Raise
Military Construction-VA: Drama Stalks Popular Milcon-VA Bill
Short-Term CR Includes Milcon-VA
State-Foreign Operations: Foreign Aid Bill Stalled After Starting
Transportation-HUD: Short Road for Transportation-HUD
Unable to Agree Even on an Omnibus, Congress Resorts to a Post-Election CR