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 2008 - 110th Congress, 2nd Session
 The Appendix
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‘We Are a Better Country Than This'
Biden Talks of Family, Dignity, Change
Bush Also Rejects Revised Farm Bill
Bush Says Bill Would Harm Seniors
Bush Vetoes FY '08 Intelligence Bill
Democrats' Call: ‘Let's Get to Work'
Financial Rescues, Pivotal Roll Calls: Recession Forces Painful Choices
Gov. Palin Defends Her Credentials
McCain Concedes Presidential Race
McCain Embraces the ‘Good Fight'
Members of the 110th, 2nd Session, Governors, Supreme Court, Executive Branch
Obama Cheers ‘Yes, We Can' Spirit
Public Laws, 110th Congress, 2nd Session
Spending in Farm Bill Prompts Veto
State of the Union Lauds Iraq ‘Surge,' Criticizes Congressional Spending